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Cypress: an essential tree of landscape, economy
and tradition of the Mediterranean Countries
     cap. 1: Prefacedownload
     cap. 2: The most recurrent parassitesdownload
     cap. 3: Planting techniques and post-planting cultivation treatmentsdownload
     cap. 4: Referencesdownload

Cypress: mainspring of economic and sustainable development
in the Mediterranean Countries
     cap. 1: Forward: Cypress, a flexible tree for the protection of the landscape, economy,
history and culture of most of the Mediterranean Countries subject to fire risks
     cap. 2: Cypress: a tree linked to the protection of resources and to the economic
development of rural areas in Tuscany
     cap. 3: The economic and ecological role of the cypress in Tuscany: a case studydownload
     cap. 4: References and Annexedownload

A practical manual for the Training School
     cap. 1: Indexdownload
     cap. 2: Presentation of the Training Schooldownload
     cap. 3: Forest fires in the Mediterranean countriesdownload
     cap. 4: Mediterranean forest ecosystems, wildland fires, cypress and fire resistant forestsdownload
     cap. 5: Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) and forest firesdownload
     cap. 6: Forest Fire in Tunisia: importance and preventiondownload
     cap. 7: Forest Fires in Israeldownload
     cap. 8: Presentation of the P.O. Med Project "CypFire"download
     cap. 9: The role of cypress in controlling forest firesdownload
     cap. 10: Notes of cypress botanydownload
     cap. 11: Common cypress: a multipurpose tree with a strategic role for environment
and economy of the Mediterranean countries
     cap. 12: Production of cypress plants: methodologies and aimsdownload
     cap. 13: The main pathogens and pests of cypress and their controldownload
     cap. 14: The control of Seridium cardinale canker of cypressdownload
     cap. 15: Impact and effect of eriophyoid mites on Cupressus sppdownload
     cap. 16: Urban wildland interface: a case study of the Tuscan Arcipelago National Park (Italy)download
     cap. 17: Role of the monumental cypresses in the Mediterranean landscape and historydownload
     cap. 18: Literature cited and usefuldownload
     cap. 19: Conclusionsdownload
     cap. 20: Acknoledgmentsdownload
     cap. 21: Addresses of Institutions and of reportersdownload

Infectious Forest Diseases (Edited by P. Gonthier and G. Nicolotti)
     cap. 17: Cypress Canker (by R. Danti, G. Della Rocca and A. Panconesi)download

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